Events and Excursions

Pink Hostel has a variety of activities scheduled for its guests as well as for the general public. The idea behind these activities is to give tourists and expatriates in Ghana the possibility to familiarise themselves with the country and local customs. At the same time, they are a platform where people can meet and socialise with each other. Of course, at these events we also welcome Ghanaians who are interested in meeting people from all over the world. With these activities we aim to become a cultural centre, attracting a variety of people.

The activities include both in-house events, such as drumming and dancing workshops that take place at Pink Hostel itself, as well as excursions in and around Accra.  The mode of transport used during our excursions is public taxis, either chartering a ‘dropping’ taxi or travelling as a passenger in a ‘shared’ taxi which works in a similar way to a trotro. However, for excursions outside of Accra we use chartered taxis only, salon cars or minibuses.

We offer the following:

In-House Events

Throughout the week several activities take place at Pink Hostel. In-house guests, other tourists and expats residing in Ghana as well as locals are welcome to participate in these activities. The in-house activities include:


In addition to our in-house activities, Pink Hostel also offers guests the opportunity to visit Accra and its surroundings within the comfort of hassle-free, pre-organised excursions.



We need prior notice of the intention to participate in our in-house events and advance booking for all excursions. Therefore, we request that you book with 12hours notice for any event or excursion. This can be done by directly contacting the reception desk during your stay with us or by either calling +233 302 256710 or sending an email to

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