Hiking in the Krobo Area

Lets go hiking

Pink Hostel offers one-day trip from Accra to the Krobo area in the Eastern Region, with a 3-6 hour hike included. The hikes are tuned according to different skill and fitness levels. Some of them are quite easy, while others are more advanced, including climbing and abseiling sections. The level of the hike which you select will be discussed and chosen when your booking is made. The one-day hikes are scheduled around Akuse, Asutsuare and Kpong.

On a typical one day tour, we leave Accra around 6am, heading eastward. Stopping in the stunning Krobo area, we begin our hike. After hiking for 1 – 2 hours, we stop and a BBQ breakfast is prepared for you in the bush. After breakfast, we continue our hike along beautiful trails, taking in the spectacular views, before finally making our way back to the bus. At the end of the hike, we go for a well-deserved lunch in a local guesthouse or restaurant before heading back to Accra.

This activity operates with a minimum number of 5 guests.

Day: Saturday

Time: 6am – 4pm

Costs: $20 per person for hiking and $100 for the round-trip transportation costs, shared by the number of people in the group. Included in these costs are your transport, the hiking guide (all guides are outdoor experienced and first-aid trained), your BBQ breakfast and your lunch. Please note that insurance is not included, neither are personal items such as snacks and drinks.

NB. Please ensure that you bring a sufficient supply of water with you. 3 litres of bottled water per person is recommended.

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