Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl

Accra has a bustling night life and Pink Hostel offers you the chance to explore some of the most exciting venues in town on a guided Pub Crawl.

The tour will start off at the +233 Jazz Bar (free entrance Mon-Sat except on Friday), which is only a few minutes away from Pink Hostel. This is bar is known as Ghana’s premiere Jazz and live music club. After one or two drinks and snacks, the tour continues to Bywell in Osu (Thursdays only), which is a open air club where locals as well as expats mingle. The live band plays a variety of tunes from jazz to highlife while customers hit the dance floor. The kitchen at Bywell serves a variety of snacks. Later on, the guide will lead the tour to the club Vienna City. Vienna City is the biggest entertainment centre in Ghana. It is an impressive place, packed with Ghanaians, expats and tourists enjoying themselves.  All manner of drinks and cocktails are on offer at the bar, while a casino and pool tables enhance the entertainment level. Last but not least the tour ventures to Strawberry and Makumba, which are two other popular night clubs not far from Vienna City.

Day: On request

Time: 8pm – 1am


In order to join our excursions it is necessary to sign up beforehand by contacting the reception desk directly. The registration should be made a minimum of 12 hours before the respective activity.


The two city tours plus the pub crawl are offered as a package deal of 10 Ghana Cedis per person. This cost does not include transport costs or food and drinks. However, it does mean that all of the activities are covered under this one price; you are then free to choose how many activities you would like to join.

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