Restaurant & Bar

For your dinning pleasure Pink Hostel has two restaurants

Variety is the spice of life, and we want life to taste good while staying with us.  We have two restaurants to choose from:


Item 13 Restaurant Accra

May 14 009

Item 13 Restaurant

Item 13 offers dinners a choice of a number of international dishes and some choice local dishes.  There is a choice between indoor seating with the air conditioning or outdoor seating under the shade of a summer hut.  Drinks and a good variety alcoholic beverages are served.  Hours are 7am until late night 7 days a week.  Room Delivery service is also available through Item 13 kitchen.


Baobab Restaurant Accra

Baobab Restaurant and Bar, Pink Hostel Accra

Baobab Bar and Restaurant

Baobab is the place to go for that Ghanaian, Togolese, or Ivorian special dish you love and a nice cold drink to wash it all down.  Baobab Bar and Resturant is hang out central with the wide variety of drinks, all live football (Soccer for the Americans out there) matches are shown on the TVs.  Baobab also has the hours of 7am until late night 7 days a week.  Please “Eat, Drink, Live.”

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