Trashy Bags

Trashy Bags

Trashy Bags is an innovative social enterprise with a focus on sustainable development, concerned with the waste and recycling issue in Ghana. Waste disposal is a serious issue in Ghana as rubbish is often simply dumped alongside the road or in the rivers. This mounting problem of dumped waste, notably the non-biodegradable plastic packaging which is so popular in Ghana and throughout West Africa, is becoming an increasingly real threat as the plastic bags and water sachets pollute the rivers and sea and block drains, causing flooding and increasing the risk of disease. Ghana has recently begun to address the issue but more work is needed to educate the population and increase general concern and consciousness about the environment.

Trashy Bags has found an innovative way of ameliorating this problem by reusing plastic packaging and turning it into fashionable accessories. Plastic packaging from products such as drinking water and ice cream sachets as well advertisement banners are transformed into stylish bags, purses and beach mats. The products are sold in the Accra based factory as well as in other shops in the city. Additionally, they are exported to countries abroad.

Through its engagement, its employment of local people and the increasing popularity of its products, Trashy Bags is educating people in Africa about the dangers of land pollution and encouraging them to dispose of their rubbish responsibly. By not altering or reprocessing the sachets, Trashy Bags are demonstrating to the public in a very visible way that it is possible to recycle the plastic packaging and so in addition to creating a sustainable business, they are raising awareness of the very serious problem of environmental pollution in Ghana. This project definitely helps to keep Ghana’s streets and residential areas cleaner and to make the environment more attractive and safer for everybody.

Moreover, the Trashy Bags enterprise is creating employment for local people by paying for sachet collections, employing people to wash the sachets and then stitching them into bags.

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